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UECMX emulator daughter-card module for TORNADO DSP systems and MIRAGE-510DX emulator

TORNADO DSP system with installed UECMX module and JTAG pod

MIRAGE-510DX emulator with installed UECMX module and JTAG pod

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)UECMX is Enhanced Universal Emulation Control daughter-card Module, which plugs onto TORNADO DSP systems for ISA-bus PC and onto MIRAGE-510DX dual-channel TMS320 DSP emulator controller board.

UECMX is upward compatible with MicroLAB'   MIRAGE-510D emulator and UECM module rev.1, and is optionally compatible with TI XDS510 emulator.   UECMX is the industry first ultimate emulation daughter-card option, which allows extremely flexible and money-saving migration between low-cost embedded emulation for PC plug-in DSP boards and PC plug-in universal emulator for TMS320 DSP. UECMX runs under the industry standard TI Code Composer Composer Studio IDE.

When installed onto TORNADO DSP system mainboard,  UECMX eliminates the need for expensive external TMS320 DSP emulator, and is capable to emulate TORNADO on-board DSP(s). Moreover, UECMX also converts TORNADO DSP system into universal development system for full line of TI TMS320 DSP and can emulate any external TI TMS320 DSP via optional MPSD or JTAG pod.

When installed onto MIRAGE-510DX emulator PC plug-in controller board,  UECMX emulates any external TI TMS320 DSP via external MPSD or JTAG pod. Up to two UECMX daughter-card modules might be installed onto one MIRAGE-510DX controller board, thus delivering two independent emulation channles for external TMS320 DSPs and offering ultimate space-saving solution for debugging of multiprocessor TMS320 DSP environments.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Key Features

supports TI TMS320C2xx/C3x/C4x/C5x/C54x/C6x/C8x DSP
installs as daughter-card module onto TORNADO ISA-bus PC plug-in mainboards and onto MIRAGE-510DX dual-channel emulator PC plug-in controller board
emulates TORNADO on-board TMS320 DSP(s)
emulates external TMS320 DSP via MPSD or JTAG 3v/5v pod
upward compatible with MIRAGE-510D dual-channel TMS320 emulator
upward compatible with UECM rev.1 emulation daughter-card module for TORNADO
optional hardware and software compatible with TI XDS510 emulator
runs under   TI Code Composer Studio IDE
converts TORNADO DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC into universal emulators for all TMS320 DSP
allows flexible and money-saving migration between low-cost embedded emulation for TORNADO on-board DSP(s) and PC plug-in universal emulator for TMS320 DSP


MIRAGE-510DX and UECMX Datasheet
TORNADO PC plug-in DSP Systems Summary Datasheet (Rus) (Eng)
Development tools for TORNADO/MIRAGE (Rus)

Utility software and on-line manuals:

MIRAGE-510DX & UECMX Drivers and On-line Documentation
Code Composer Utilities and Updates

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