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Texas InstrumentsFreescale Power PC Processors
PICMG Open Modular Computing Standards
PICMG Advance Mezzanine Card (AMC) Specification
PICMG MicroTCA Specification



Product Lines

TORNADO-Axxx and T/AX-DSFPX AMC-modules for MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA Systems

TORNADO-Axxx and T/AX-xxxx AMC-modules for MicroTCA and AdvancedTCA DSP systems

  • TORNADO-Axxx AMC-modules with DSP, FPGA and FMC-site for MicroTCA and  AdvancedTCA DSP systems and stand-alone/embedded applications.

  • T/AX-xxxx AMC-modules with network interfaces for distributed MicroTCA and  AdvancedTCA systems.


TAMMC SDK - AMC MMC Software Development Kit

Software development kit (SDK) for PICMG AMC Module Management Controller (MMC) firmware kernel. Includes TAMMC EVM board for immediate test of MMC code and evaluation of required resources.

MIRAGE-NE1/NC2 Single/Dual-channel JTAG/MPSD Emulators for TI DSP and TI ARM  

MIRAGE-Nxx JTAG/MPSD Emulators for TI TMS320 DSP and TI ARM

Universal high-speed Single/Dual-channel JTAG/MPSD emulators  for TI TMS320 DSP and ARM cores. A "must have" tool to debug  target TI DSP/ARM application  and to diagnose designed device. Supported by TI Code Composer Studio tools.

TORNADO-RS Recordrs of RF-signals and bitstream data

TORNADO-RS Recorders

High-capacity multi-channel recording and playback systems for RF-signals and high-speed bit-stream data. 

TORNADO-HCX Host Communication Controllers  

TORNADO-HCX Host Communication Controllers

Modular host communication controllers with Freescale PowerQUICC series CPU  for TORNADO-E2 DSP controllers and TORNADO Digital Radio Controllers. Provide powerful hosting, networking and mass storage capabilities. Can be also used as stand-alone/embedded controllers for customer designed hardware. 

TORNADO-E2 Stand-alone DSP Controllers for Embedded Applications  

TORNADO-E2 DSP Controllers

Next generation high-performance modular 3U stand-alone controllers with  TI TMS320 DSP and powerful I/O expansion and host control options. A superset replacement for popular TORNADO-E DSP controllers. Can be  hosted by TORNADO-HCX communication controllers.

TORNADO Digital Radio Controllers  

TORNADO-PX/DDC Digital Radio Coprocessors/Controllers

Multi-channel digital radio DCM/controllers with on-board RF-input, DDC, DSP and I/O interfaces, which can be used either as stand-alone controllers, or as DCM for TORNADO-E2 DSP controllers and TORNADO-HCX host communication controllers.


Software Development Tools

Development tools for DSP and microcontrollers. Emulators, SDK.


Custom Hardware and Software Design

Customs Software and Hardware Design Service

MicroLAB Systems offers Custom Design service to design hardware and software for TI DSP, Xilinx FPGA, TI ARM-based CPU/MC, Freescale PPC/PowerQUICC processors, and Atmel and TI microcontrollers on Customer specifications.


Legacy & Obsoleted Products

Important note:

All legacy products are OBSOLETED however they are completely supported and covered by full lifetime warranty. Some of legacy products are available for ordering. Call MicroLAB Systems for replacement options and more details.


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