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TORNADO-E stand-alone DSP Controllers
TORNADO DSP Systems for PCI-bus
TORNADO DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC
Daughter-Card Modules (DCM) and Options
DSP software tools
PE06888_.WMF (22260 bytes)TORNADO are extremely flexible and high performance PC plug-in DSP Systems and stand-alone DSP controllers well suited for virtually all DSP applications.

"Modular compact construction", "I/O and multiprocessor expansion",  "high- performance host I/F", "h/w and s/w compatibility" ... These are only few of many keywords for TORNADO. Two more, which really make sense, are:

TORNADO reduces your time-to-market
TORNADO saves your money

j0083543.wmf (18802 bytes)TORNADO-E stand-alone DSP Controllers

TORNADO-E stand-alone DSP Controllers Overview
software tools
TORNADO-E stand-alone DSP controllers with USB interface, dual-channel 10Mbit/s USART/RS232C/RS422, parallel I/O, SIOX and PIOX-16 options

BS00799_.wmf (4170 bytes)TORNADO DSP Systems for PCI-bus

TORNADO-P3x high performance floating-point TMS320C3x DSP Systems for PCI-bus and stand-alone application
TORNADO-P6x ultra-high performance fixed-/floating-point TMS320C6x DSP Systems for PCI-bus and stand-alone applications

BS00769_1.wmf (7452 bytes)TORNADO DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC

TORNADO DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC overview
using TORNADO DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC as universal emulator for external TMS320 DSP
multiprocessor DSP expansion
software tools
TORNADO-3x floating-point TMS320C3x DSP Systems
TORNADO-4x floating-point TMS320C4x DSP Systems (obsoleted products)
TORNADO-54x fixed-point TMS320C54x DSP Systems
TORNADO-6x  ultra-high performance fixed-/floating-point TMS320C6x DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC and stand-alone applications

BS00541A.gif (2165 bytes) Daughter-card Modules (DCM) and Options

UECMX Universal Emulation Control daughter-card modules for TORNADO ISA-bus PC plug-in DSP systems and for MIRAGE-510DX dual-channel emulators with external MPSD/JTAG pod capability
ECC plug-in Emulation Controller Chip for TORNADO-xL/xM ISA-bus PC plug-in DSP systems and TORNADO-P DSP Systems for PCI-bus
AD/DA/DIO daughter-card modules
TORNADO-PX/SX DSP Coprocessor daughter-card modules

PE01883A.gif (2111 bytes)Software Tools

TORNADO Software Development Kit (TSDK) for host Windows applications
TI Code Composer Studio IDE (compiler/debug tools, DSP/BIOS RTOS tools, RDTX)
3rd party industry-standard DSP software tools (development environments, real-time OS tools, etc) and DSP software solutions from leading DSP software vendors (contact MicroLAB Systems for more details)

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