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MicroLAB Systems, the manufacturer of MIRAGE emulators and TORNADO DSP developmnt boards with modular construction for TI TMS320 DSPs, is announcing support for the newest TMS320VC33 (150MFLOPS) and TMS320C6711 (900MFLOPS) 32-bits floating-point DSPs from Texas Instruments Inc.

New products description

New products from MicroLAB Systems with TMS320VC33 and TMS320C6711 floating-point DSPs will include:

TORNADO-P33 DSP System for PCI
and low-cost TORNADO-P6711LX DSP System for PCI
TORNADO-33 DSP System and Universal TMS320 DSP Emulator for ISA-bus PC
low-cost TORNADO-6711LX DSP System for ISA-bus PC
TORNADO-E33 and TORNADO-E6711 stand-alone DSP Controllers for embedded DSP applications.

As it has already come a good tradition with new products from MicroLAB Systems, new TORNADOs with TMS320VC33 and TMS320C6711  DSPs will be completely hardware and software compatible with currently available TORNADO DSP Systems for PC and stand-alone TORNADO-E DSP Controllers, and will meet the industry-standard TORNADO modular system construction with parallel (PIOX/PIOX-16) and serial (SIOX) daughter-card sites. A wide selection of "off-the-shelf" PIOX/PIOX-16 and SIOX AD/DA/DIO daughter-card modules and DSP Coprocessors for TORNADOs will allow immediate configuring new TORNADOs for virtually every DSP application including speech/fax/modem, telecom, telephony, instrumentation, digital-radio, medical and many more...

Also note, that new TORNADO-33 DSP Systems for ISA-bus PC will also convert into universal emulator for any external TMS320C2xx/C3x/C4x/C5x/C54x/C6x DSPs in case the TORNADO-33 is used with installed UECM universal emulation control daughter-card module and JTAG/MPSD pod.

Sure, that our MIRAGE-510D emulator for and UECM universal emulation control daughter-card module for TORNADOs will provide full-featured emulation support for newest TMS320VC33 and TMS320C6711 DSPs.


Although new TMS320VC33 and TMS320C6711 DSP from TI are scheduled for delivery in 4Q99, this does not mean that the customer should actually wait for new TORNADO products from MicroLAB Systems come available.

All MicroLAB' customers may immediately benefit from completely hardware and software compatibility between new announced TORNADOs with TMS320VC33 and TMS320C6711  DSPs and  currently available TORNADO DSP Systems for PC and stand-alone TORNADO-E DSP Controllers, and can start development of software right now using compatible TORNADOs and making corrections to the performance grade.

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For more information or assistance please contact:

MicroLAB Systems Ltd.
83 Dubninskaya str, #612, 127591 Moscow, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7-(499)-900-6208
E-main: info@mlabsys.com

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