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TORNADO-3x are high-performance ISA-bus PC plug-in floating-point DSP systems and universal emulators for TI TMS320 DSP.

key features:

..150MFLOPS 32-bit floating-point  TMS320C3x DSP
TORNADO compatible system architecture and modular construction
up to 2Mx32 0ws SRAM
Shared Bus (SB) architecture
PIOX and SIOX sites for AD/DA/DIO daughter-card modules and application specific I/O coprocessors
direct access from host ISA-bus I/F to SRAM, PIOX and DPRAM
multiprocessor DSP expansion
UECMX on-board JTAG plug-in emulator option running under TI Code Composer Debugger tools
converts to the emulator for any external TMS320 DSP via optional external JTAG or MPSD pod
build-in device serial codes
compact size and industrial MicroPC form-factor
supported by TORNADO Software Development Kit (TSDK) and industry-standard DSP software tools


audio and multimedia
industrial and medical
universal emulator for TMS320 DSP

TORNADO-3x Modular Construction

TORNADO-3x DSP Systems Architecture

TORNADO-3x DSP Systems Summary

p/n DSP max SRAM (0ws) I/O Expansion Emulation options Host PC bus PDFICON.GIF (224 bytes)

+ pod
ISA pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)

Utility software and on-line manuals:

TORNADO-3x Software Utilities and On-line Documentation
TORNADO Software Development Kit (TSDK) for host Windows Applications

Other documentation:

TORNADO PC plug-in DSP Systems Summary Datasheet (Rus) (Eng)
Software Development tools for TORNADO/MIRAGE (Rus)
Application software tools for TORNADO (Rus)

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