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TORNADO Software Development Kit

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TSDK API function groups
Error processing
download TSDK

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TORNADO Software Development Kit (TSDK) for Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP provides uniform programming API and development tools for all users, who need to develop host Windows applications with communication with TORNADO DSP systems for PCI and ISA.

TSDK unifies user host Windows application programming and allows multiple users to consolidate their programming efforts and to distribute applications around the world.

TSDK comes with detailed documentation and a variety of demo samples for all TORNADO DSP systems platforms. This allows quick start and guarantees short development cycle.

TSDK is always up-to-date! You can be absolutely sure that right now new TSDK release is being designed and tested, and new enhancements are coming shortly...

Finally... TDSK is free, comes standard with all TORNADO DSP systems, and is available for download from FTP at ftp://ftp,mlabsys.com/sft/tsdk/.   Technical support is also free and is available by phone, fax or e-mail at support@mlabsys.com (please allow 24 hours for reply due to the possible world-wide time zone shift).


The following are only few of main benefits, which are offered to the TSDK users:

robust and well debugged API functions and Windows kernel drivers
no Windows system hangs (ooh!  at least as minimum as possible ...)
comprehensive documentation
demo samples for all TORNADO DSP systems
allows quick user design start-up and guarantees short design cycle
always up-to-date
guaranteed technical support
support for all host interface features of TORNADO DSP systems
uniform syntax of API functions across different TORNADO DSP systems platforms
'no' or 'almost no' user code update if migrating to a different TORNADO DSP system platform
automatic detection of installed TORNADO DSP systems for ISA/PCI-bus
access to all installed TORNADO DSP systems
logical index enumeration guarantees 'no need for code update' when communicating with multiple TORNADO DSP systems
many more...

TSDK API Function Groups

TSDK API functions set provide TORNADO platform independent syntax and comprise of the following function groups:

host I/F control register access functions
HPI port access functions
host shared memory (SMP) and dual-port memory (DPRAM) access functions
multi-source host-to-DSP and DSP-to-host interrupt processing function
COFF-file processing functions
board information functions
UECMX/ECC control functions
system control functions
error processing functions

Error Processing

TSDK features comprehensive error processing, which guarantees system stability and application robustness. Each TSDK API function returns either data or error code, and error code of last executed TSDK API function (last error), as well as one-shot error flag, are always available for user analysis.

Download TSDK:

TORNADO Software Development Kit (TSDK) for host Windows Applications

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