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ECC installed onto TORNADO mainboardECC is the Emulation Controller Chip (also known as test-bus controller (TBC)) for TORNADO-xL/xM ISA-bus PC DSP Systems and TORNADO-Pxx DSP Systems for PCI-bus. It is a low-cost replacement for external TI XDS510 or MicroLAB' MIRAGE-510DX   scan-path emulators for TI TMS320 DSPs and runs under identical TI Code Composer Studio IDE. ECC installs into dedicated socket onto TORNADO-xL/xM/P mainboard and is used for scan-path emulation of the on-board DSP(s).

Key Features

supports TI TMS320C2xx/C3x/C4x/C5x/C54x/C6x DSP
installs into dedicated socket onto TORNADO-xL/xM and TORNADO-P PC plug-in mainboard
emulates TORNADO-xL/xM/P on-board TMS320 DSP(s)
low cost replacement for TI XDS510 and MicroLAB' MIRAGE-510DX emulators
runs under TI Code Composer Studio IDE


TORNADO PC plug-in DSP Systems Summary Datasheet (Rus) (Eng)
Development tools for TORNADO/MIRAGE (Rus)

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