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TI Developer Conference, Moscow 2004

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MicroLAB Systems will be exhibiting its world-class MIRAGE emulators and TORNADO DSP boards at the first TI DSP Developer Conference, which will take place in Moscow on November-18, 2004 in the conference center of the Iris hotel (www.iris-hotel.ru, Korovinskoe shosse, 10).

Exposed at this event, will be the newest DSP hardware products from MicroLAB Systems, which exploit the leading edge TI TMS320C64xx DSP technology incorporated into the MicroLAB' traditional scalable modular architecture, and are ideal building blocks for OEM multi-DSP, digital radio, RF, instrumentation and embedded applications as well as for the DSP development, prototyping and evaluation purposes.

MicroLAB Systems always recognizes the visitor' interest to the 'live end-user products' rather then to the pure technical and academic products and issues at the expos, and therefore, the MicroLAB' booth at the TI DSP Developer Conference will be shared with the RadioService company (www.radioservice.ru), which is the high-end Russian domestic company focused on design and manufacturing of automatic intellectual RF equipment for cellular communication and wireless access.

Presented at the shared MicroLAB-RadioService booth will be the RS-MultiJammer device, which has been designed in close cooperation with MicroLAB Systems for general-purpose monitoring and intelligent jamming of cellular communication available in certain area in order to prevent leakage of confidential information via cellular telecommunication traffic, to exclude usage of the cellular network for remote control purposes, and to keep the area 'secure' and 'quiet'. This device benefits from the latest of the DSP technology and supports all cellular standards.

All visitors must register on-line at www.ti.com/europe/devcon. The visitor fee is $100 and must be paid to the conference committee.

See you at MicroLAB-RadioService booth at the TI DSP Developer Conference in Moscow...


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